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  1. Large-D gravity and low-D strings.

From basic differential geometry through to the construction and study of black-hole and black-brane solutions in quantum gravity - via all the intermediate stages - this book provides a complete overview of the intersection of gravity, supergravity, and superstrings.

Now fully revised, this second edition covers an extensive array of topics, including new material on non-linear electric-magnetic duality, the electric-tensor formalism, matter-coupled supergravity, supersymmetric solutions, the geometries of scalar manifolds appearing in 4- and 5-dimensional supergravities, and much more. Covering reviews of important solutions and numerous solution-generating techniques, and accompanied by an exhaustive index and bibliography, this is an exceptional reference work.

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Back to search. Record created , last modified Similar records. According to the idea, cosmic inflation , the putative spark of the Big Bang, was a sudden unwinding of energy, space and time.

The BICEP2 experiment reported the discovery of these swirly fingerprints of the Big Bang in , but the signal turned out to be from cosmic dust. The search continues. The theory allows researchers like Silverstein to write down sensible equations about what might happen inside black holes or during the Big Bang. But string theory describes invisibly tiny details of reality — vibrating strings at the hearts of point particles that are probably too small to detect directly, and that could come in a vast array of unique manifestations.


Large-D gravity and low-D strings.

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