Get PDF Tale of the Poisonous Yuck Bugs: Based on Proverbs 12:18 (The Insect-Inside Series)

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Use two more strips of construction paper for the antennae. Glue on wiggle eyes. A-Z Schoolers used this Roly Poly Craft to teach her children not to "roll up in a ball", but to face their problems. She wrote things they can do to face their problems on each section of the roly poly and then discussed it with her children. This blog has lots of other bug-related crafts and activity ideas to help children deal with self-esteem. If you are a home schooler or run a preschool, you will find this blog very helpful. Black Chenille Stems.

Learn names of Encapsulated Insects/Bugs in Resin, what insects eat/Learning videos for kids

To make the firefly's head fold a 6-inch paper plate in half and then unfold it. Punch holes on the fold line for the antennae. Insert a Chenille stem into one hole and then up through the other. Bend down the ends. Open up the folded plate a little and push folded sides into the center of the paper plate. Glue the sides together. See Diagram. A pattern for this craft is available to members.

Cut a slit in the back of the head. Overlap the paper plate in the back and glue it together to make a dart. This will make the mouth open slightly. Crease the front, bottom of the paper plate to make the mouth. See diagram. Cut wing shapes from tissue paper or a white plastic bag. Scrunch up the end that connects to the body and glue them under the head. Cut Chenille stems in half, fold them into leg shapes and then glue them to the body as shown in the picture.


Bugs and Insect Crafts

You can punch holes in the body paper plate and insert the legs into the holes and tape them to the inside of the body. Use the firefly craft above. Instruct your children to write the Bible verse or what they have learned from the story on a small sheet of paper and then tape it to the fireflies mouth. Low Temp Mini Glue Gun.

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To make the bee and ladybug cut the scoop end off the spoons using a sharp scissors. Cut the red and clear spoon in half lengthwise to make the swings.

Tale of the Poisonous Yuck Bugs: Based on Proverbs 12:18

Use a lighter to melt any sharp edges. Bugs have to live somewhere. Why not make them their own house to live in. These are great for children who are interested in studying bugs. After leaving them outside for a season, they can take them apart to see how many bugs have taken up residence in their houses.

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Some items we used: a gourd cut in half, pinecones, reeds, curled up bark, dried apple slices, dried moss, pine needles, Sycamore tree ball, dried berries, and acorn caps. Collect the materials you think bugs might like to live in. Bugs like to hide in holes so find things that have lots of holes or can be arranged so that they create cozy spaces. If you would like to make a roof for your house, cut the lid of the box in half and glue it together to make the roof of the house. You don't have to make a roof.

You can glue several boxes together to make a condo or apartment building. If you live in a wet area, you may want to paint the box and then cover it with a clear acrylic paint so that it won't fall apart when it rains. Or you can place it in a dry place where it won't get wet. Arrange the materials you have collected in the box. Group similar objects and shapes. Use low temp. For a more pleasing arrangement try not to place everything in the same direction, vary the sizes and shapes or your objects, and group similar objects together.

Use different colors of objects if you have them. After your house has sat out side for a season, carefully take it apart and see how many different inhabitants there are, or watch to see how many insects or spiders exit and enter it. Black Pipe Cleaners. Smooth Foam Eggs.

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Black Craft Pom Poms. Red Seed Beads. Sharpie Markers or Black Acrylic Paint. Tacky Glue. Have them stick the pipe cleaners into the bottom of the foam egg and bend them up for the legs, and then glue the black pompom on one end of the egg for the head, and glue beads on for eyes. Grasshopper Clothespin Craft for Kids. Fold three pipe cleaners in half. Place a pipe cleaner on the stick at the fold. Wind the pipe cleaners around the stick by bringing the ends of the pipe cleaners around each other and twisting.

Bend the legs so that one joint comes up over the stick. Make two more bends in the pipe cleaner. Do this for the other two sets of legs. To make the antennae fold a pipe cleaner in half. Arts Entertainment. Biography Autobiography Memoir.

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    Tale of the Poisonous Yuck Bugs

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