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  1. Police failure to prevent brutal killing rocks Romania
  2. Explosion rocks military base in Syria, killing 31 soldiers - ekedoxajoriw.gq
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5 Teens Charged With Murder For Killing a Man While Throwing Rocks Off Overpass

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Police failure to prevent brutal killing rocks Romania

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Back from the Undead. How to write a great review. The review must be at least 50 characters long. Assistant Commissioner of Police Clayton Fernander said the adult male victim, the father of the baby, was about to enter his home off Rupert Dean Lane when he was forced into the residence by a gunman who he knew. The individual fired a number of shots resulting in three persons being shot. The male victim, his girlfriend and the baby were shot to the body. The infant died on the scene, the male and the female were transported to hospital by ambulance and they are listed in serious condition.

The man is in more serious condition than the woman. ACP Fernander said the male victim and the suspected gunman had an argument the night before, which police believe led to the shooting. Hubert and Marvin can form all the committees and crime prevention initiatives they want, they will learn the hard way that crime is bigger than the government.

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  4. After politicizing the crime issue in the lead up to the last general election and professing that he had the answers because he's an ex-police Marvin must now own the crime situation and take full responsibility for his plans ineffectiveness. In fact, it can be said that as a public we were misled by Marvin who released fancy videos during the campaign heralding his ability to solve the crime problem. Boy were we wrong. After arresting Shane and Co the bald headed guy needed to be arrested its almost as if the proverbial cat has now got his tongue What a mockery.

    We live on a frigging rock 20 by 7 miles, not in Texas!

    Explosion rocks military base in Syria, killing 31 soldiers - ekedoxajoriw.gq

    Put in 10, face recognition cameras and hunt down the perpetrators and shoot them dead. As in: "OOps, he was resisting arrest". No one will care, throw the body to the sharks. After the 1,th dead criminal, the rest will get the message. I know. I feel that way sometimes too. But we must realize that each of these "thugs" was once a cute little bouncing baby boy that everyone was proud of and said "oh he is so cute" to his teenage mother, and wondered inside of her ability to produce a baby after only being one herself not too long prior. It is not the baby's fault that he was dealt a bad hand in life.

    He is not completely innocent either - he had a choice. But I mean don't blame him entirely. Excellent idea, just a little on the low side. What about the father of the killer?

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    How many thousand for him? While PM Minnis remains all silent - tis reassuring knows there really is an "ACE" response "excuse" for every situation. The nation owes the former deputy leader red shirts party 'Reheasa' - our deepest apology for not hearing her out at the red party's leadership convention - about her concerns over red party's' leader Minnis's - leadership deficiencies.

    The problem is everyone thinks it is easy to stop the crime and the Government just needs to do XYZ. It's not easy to stop and it will take years to get it right, and that's with everyone's involvement. In addition we keep being told that many of the murders are revenge for murders that person has done, so people who kill must know they already stand a chance of being killed.

    CCTV alone wont work but would be good to have the UK has more cameras then most places and they still have murders. My suggestions would be education our schools are failing too many , improve the conviction rate proper policing and investigation so trials are won , CCTV and legalise weed as too many kids go down the crime route via that.

    There is no easy solution as long as you have young ill educated unemployed young men but maybe cameras like they have everywhere in the UK being placed in crime hot spots might be a start. I hope the camera's work better than the ankle bracelets, and are bulletproof. If not, they will be used for target practice. It would not surprise me, and I hope they do. They will get filmed doing it by the one next door. And then the police can use them for target practice. I would put cameras every yards everywhere, facing every direction. Swamp this rock with 10,, 20,, 30, cameras.

    Why are all the PLP trolls acting like their people actually did something to combat crime MARVIN is now the minister of national security he must own this crime issue as he did prior to being in the seat! Asia India. India Pakistan Philippines. All Sections. The Morning and Evening Brief. A daily brief with the biggest stories of the day. More From India. Howdy Modi: Indian origin teen to sing national anthem.

    Delhi: Woman waiting in car shot in the head by biker. How to fight depression during economic slowdown. SWAT Analysis. Schoolboy leaves message for brother before death. Accused: Pakistani Hindu girl wanted to marry me. YouTuber pays compensation after girl dies copying her. Pakistani Hindu girl found dead in college hostel.